Individual Coaching & Training

If you’re looking for personal growth or positive change, we can help.

Individual Coaching & Training

If you’re looking for personal growth or positive change, we can help.

Our individual coaching & training programs are designed to help clients who need to grow or change on a personal level. We specialize in helping you embrace and deal with your unique issues – with the goal of helping you live the life you want.


We work with those who are struggling with anxiety, depression and adult adjustment. Although our approach is an eclectic blending of several modalities, we rely heavily on cognitive interventions. Teaching our minds to think differently and changing our inner dialogue is often the first step to changing our behaviors and their effect on our lives.

Executive Coaching

Clients come to us for executive coaching in order to maximize their career growth and potential. We work on creating strategies for areas such as communication styles, creating influence, understanding organizational systems, and managing change.

Career Counseling

Some people need career counseling because they need a change from what they are currently doing. Others have lost their jobs and are looking for a new opportunity. Some are at the beginning of their career or retired from a long career, and are seeking new beginnings. Our approach is both practical and philosophical: it includes identifying hopes and dreams as well as establishing a practical approach to the current reality.

Integrated Approach

We treat the client as a whole person: people have complexities and competing demands from their careers, families, education, health and play. It is not possible to solve one area of difficulty without considering the whole of one’s being. We also believe that clients hold their own answers, and we create a safe place and then ask probing questions to help the client discover their best solutions. It is a process that uplifts, invites and empowers.

“I’ve learned a gazillion lessons in the gazillion years that I’ve been working with Dee Giffin Flaherty and Associates, but the most important is how to be confident in my voice – the voice that says yes enthusiastically, but can say no nicely (and keep saying no nicely, if necessary); the voice that tells the truth without telling every single last gory detail; and the voice that knows when to just shut up already.”

– 40-year-old female freelancer