Leading UP: Online Coaching & Training

Leaders who are authentic are more effective and more likely to impact those around them.

Leading UP: Online Coaching & Training

Leaders who are authentic are more effective and more likely to impact those around them.

Our Leading for Unlimited Potential program consists of two online courses – Developing Authentic Leadership & Managing Organizational Change – to help you increase leadership effectiveness and develop skills to manage changes in your organization.

Program Course Details

Developing Authentic Leadership

There is a great deal of research that indicates that leaders who are authentic are more effective and more likely to impact those around them. However, putting authentic leadership into practice can be a more complicated process than living by the clichés “walk the talk” or “tell the truth.” This coaching/training process helps participants to find their own authenticity and to practice the skills that will sustain authentic leadership.

Managing Organizational Change

Organizations must change in order to remain relevant. However, the managers and employees of those organizations sometimes have a difficult time navigating change. This training/coaching process includes an understanding of the process of change, strategies for helping people adjust to change, and practice in initiating a change process.

Program Process

Group Participation

Participants will be assigned to a group of 3-10 people. Prior to the beginning of the process, the facilitator will talk with each client individually to articulate personal goals and the process for assessing progress on those goals.

Clear Content Presentation and Application

Bi-monthly, the facilitator will post a 20-minute video of relevant content and will post discussion questions on line. The group will discuss those questions with each other as a means of applying the content to their own work.

Individual Coaching

At least once a month, depending on the needs of the participants, the facilitator will have an individual coaching session to determine progress on the goals and strategies for growth.


The program will continue over a period of three months.

Program Benefits

Self-directed Learning

The participants will define their own learning goals and the best ways to assess progress on those goals. Except for an introduction session, all content and discussions are done when each participant has time, so participants can work at their own pace.


The cost of this training/coaching process is lower than enrolling in a university class. In most cases, it is cheaper than flying to a conference or paying for weekly coaching sessions.

Practical Learning

The content is designed to bring theory to practice. The approach is based on research and theory that is condensed and summarized in a bi-monthly video. The participants will be guided to practice new leadership skills by applying the theory presented.


The training/coaching process will continue over a period of three months. When learning and practicing new skills, there are likely to be some bumps and hurdles. By continuing the support over a period of time, the participants can practice new skills and get support until those skills become a part of their daily practice.

Time and Accessibility

This process was designed for very busy professionals who want to improve their leadership. Except for the introductory session and the monthly phone coaching sessions, all parts of this can be done on the participant’s own schedule. The entire process can be completed via computer or smart phone. The goal is to bring improved leadership into hectic lives and work environments.


Each participant will be expected to define goals and work toward those goals. In order to achieve those goals, each participant is expected to take part in weekly cohort discussions and monthly coaching sessions. The facilitator will be a part of the goal setting and the discussions and will hold participants accountable. Participants will work within the context of their organizations: we will encourage the participants’ supervisors to have input on participants’ goals.

“Dee Flaherty has helped me manage anxiety for nearly four years, and it has changed my life. Working with her has allowed me to take on more complex and rewarding assignments in my work. And as a result, I’ve recently landed a really great position in the biggest market in the country. In my personal life, I’ve been more present – and closer – with the people I love.”

– Journalist

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