The power of belonging

I have recently completed Brene Brown’s latest book, Braving the Wilderness. As with all of her work, this is insightful and practical, bringing me to laughter and to tears. As she explores the power of belonging, I was prompted to remember my own experience of being invited into the sacred circle…   I live in Steelers country.  Our landscape is … Read More

The view from the balcony

Have you ever been to a wedding where the band was crazy good and the dance floor was  electric with dancing? Can you imagine describing that dance floor to someone after the wedding? Perhaps you would say it was packed with people; everyone danced all night; guests didn’t stop dancing; the band was blasting; the energy was palpable. However, if … Read More

Do you ever feel like your company puts you in a position of lying?

Do you try to be honest and authentic at work? Have you ever been put in a weird position in which it felt like you were asked to lie to trusted colleagues?   Let’s consider George, who is a middle manager in a large organization. He has worked hard to create a department in which people are open and honest; … Read More